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Accessing Superannuation for Dental Treatments
with SuperCare

At our practice, we understand that dental treatments can be costly. That’s why we partner with SuperCare to help you access your superannuation funds to cover dental expenses.

Covered Treatments:

SuperCare covers a wide range of dental treatments, including:

Who Can Use This?

SuperCare is not just for you; it also extends to immediate family members. You can use your superannuation to cover dental treatments for your spouse, children, or dependents.

Key Benefits:

> Financial Relief: Reduce the immediate financial strain by accessing your superannuation.
> Comprehensive Coverage: Includes a wide range of essential and major dental treatments.
> Family Support: Use for the dental needs of your immediate family members.
> Simple Process: SuperCare assists you through the application process, ensuring it’s hassle-free.
> Health and Well-being: Prompt access to dental care can lead to better overall health outcomes.

For more information on how SuperCare may be able to help you manage your dental expenses, please visit their website

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