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Advanced Dentistry in Hurstville

closeup of woman smiling with hands on cheeksAt GC Dental, we’re pleased to provide patients with complex dental treatments and services in one convenient location. “Many different oral health needs can require oral surgery,” said Dr Chammas (Dentist), who has a special interest in advanced dentistry, including oral surgery, such as implants, extractions and bone grafting.

Dr Chammas has the training required to perform specialised advanced dental treatments, and uses the latest technology and innovations in dentistry.

Our Services

Dental Implants

These artificial tooth roots are designed to replace missing, loose or broken teeth. A crown is attached onto the dental implant to rebuild the top part of the tooth.

All-on-4 Implants

With these implants, we can replace all teeth on just four dental implants, which support them.

Sleep Apnoea

A custom-fit jaw device may offer quick and effective results for those who snore and have mild sleep apnoea. This device works by gently pulling your jaw forward, which opens your airway and allows you to breathe more freely.

TMJ Treatment

Using non-surgical methods, such as bite splint therapy, we can address different types of TMJ disorders.

Sleep Dentistry

If you feel anxious about getting dental care, we offer oral sedation before treatment, happy gas (nitrous oxide), intravenous sedation or even a general anaesthetic.


If you have severely worn or decayed teeth, periodontal disease or infection, an extraction may be necessary.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Removal of the third molars is often done if the wisdom teeth are impacted. The dentist can determine if removal is needed or not, depending on your situation.

Bone Grafting

With this simple procedure, we can replace bone in the jaw so a dental implant can be placed. Bone grafting can help the body to regenerate bone on its own.

We offer local and general anaesthesia to ensure a comfortable, efficient experience during your procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are advanced dental treatments?

These require additional training, so they are not available at all dental practices. Dr Chammas has extra training and qualifications to perform these modern treatments.

How much do advanced dental treatments cost?

The price range depends on the complexity of the case. Some treatments can be covered by health funds. We also have payment plans available to ensure you can get the care you need.

Children may be eligible for advanced dental treatment at no cost.

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